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Natečaj za prenovo Trga Evrope, trga kjer se stikata Nova Gorica in Gorica.
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Nova Gorica




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Vid de Gleria, Jure Henigsman, Žan Ketiš, Manca Starman, Saša Štuhec

o projektu:

Although Gorizia and Nova Gorica are joint in the European Union, border between them still represents a much present physical and political barrier, obstructing daily realities. We propose a transformation for the ‘’border zone’’ which is strongly present in the memory of citizens as a zone of restriction into the new era of synergy. This space and its emptiness should become ‘’common grounds’’ intended for public use. It is the most valuable asset that we should protect and develop for common future. Main goal of the project is to achieve that common grounds remain in the public domain, which is the only way we see to truly connect residents. That is why we think that this empty space should not be abused for private investments in terms of development. Our approach is to generate micro-interventions that will encourage active use and create new memories. Border zone represents the space of opportunity because of its characters; emptiness, undefinedness, inhabited because of the regulations of the border zone and its natural wilderness. This emptiness is the biggest potential for the synergetic development of the cities’ area, that is why the main strategy is to renew the area with minimal interventions to encourage people to use. First step of the strategy is to establish a new cycling and walking path along the common grounds area in direction south to north. To enrich the common grounds we propose to establish a new circular sports and recreational trail surrounding both cities that seeks to follow the idea of former traditional sports event The Circle of friendship. Next step is to establish new program generators in the area in the former border crossings that will activate the mingle of people. Fourth step is to renaturalise the whole area and establish a new ecological microclimatic area. Common grounds in the city are highly desired in the present where global warming is the eternal problem, because they establish microclimate pockets which drastically reduce environmental footprint and establish better living conditions for people, animals and producing food supplements. Next step is to establish activity pockets of different characters and cross integrate them with surrounding city area. Built framework in the area is upcycled and transformed mainly into the common.